SPR 510R

SPR 510R

More power and performance, all the time. The SPR 510R is the grown-up 4-stroke that AJP developed for extreme riders only. Easy going nature? Forget that. This Dirtbike brings together an ample supply of strong, very torquey power with handling and agility that is anything but heavy. It’s the perfect 4-stroke ripper for mud slaying, full-power riding enjoyment. Using a reliability-proved fuel Injected Mono-cylinder for a consistent, easy maintenance operation, the SPR 510R is fitted with a super-reliable 6-speed transmission as well as the ultimate progressive suspension setup developed by SACHS. Enjoy.



The DOHC 501cc Liquid-cooled engine shares much of its components and development with the also race-proven SPR310R engine but provides a significant increase in power and torque. In turn it gives the SPR510R its lightweight character and explosive attitude. Not for the faint of heart, really. With extreme power comes (usually) extreme responsibility so we fitted the SPR510R with a precisely tuned Athena ECU that allows our enduro riders to have control over the machine, anytime, anywhere.

Enduro Ireland SPR AJP 310


Enduro Ireland AJP

All AJP Frames are carefully crafted and fully developed In-house by the founder’s hands. The SPR – Line has been meticulously upgraded in order to suit all racing-standards required to win Championships. All AJP frames are built using a hybrid system of Steel and aluminium with a specifically flexible geometry that allows any type of riding. From playful flick ability to race-performance maxed out throttle response, AJP Frames are developed for reliability and performance.


The ZF Sachs Ø48mm Suspension – 300 mm stroke fully adjustable with closed cartridges gives you confidence and tune-ability for any set of riding. Intuitive tuning and maintenance-free technology are the premises of the SPR’s suspension setup.


AJP Enduro Ireland
  • Signature heavy-duty molted swing-arm
  • AJP engine protection
  • AJP Snorkel Air-filter
  • AJP Hand-guard protection
  • Open OBD-Sensor Diagnosis
  • Acerbis 9,5L Gas Tank
  • Brembo brake setup with braided lines
  • Hydraulic Clutch
  • None Racing exhaust