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History of AJP.

AJP Motorcycles Ireland

In 1981, at age 22, Antonio Pinto opened a motorcycle repair and modifications workshop. In 1987, AJP was founded and produced its first model, the “Ariana” 125cc, with a 2 stroke Casal engine. The brand name “AJP” is derived from the initials of seven-times Portuguese Enduro Champion António J Pinto.[1] This motorcycle had a limited production run of only 25 units, but it incorporated some technical solutions that were used and developed in subsequent models.

In 1991, AJP joined in partnership with Petrogal (now Galp Energia), which led to the development of the AJP Galp 50 and to a range of synthetic oils for 2 stroke engines. From 1991 to 2000, AJP participated in the National Championships of Enduro, winning five titles in a row from 1996 to 2000. AJP also participated in the National Off-Road Championships, with victories in 1996, 1997 and 1999.

In 2001 AJP marketed a new motorcycle, the AJP PR4 125 with a 4-stroke engine. An innovation was the fuel-tank’s position beneath the rider’s seat, a feature used also in current models. This design alters the position of the motorcycle’s CG, enhancing its handling. The AJP PR4 125cc marked the beginning of AJP’s export activity, the first units being sent to EU countries, including France, Germany and England.

In 2003, AJP relocated to a new facility in Lousada. In 2004 AJP introduced a new version of PR4 with a 200cc 4-stroke engine. This 200 model shares the same cycle parts as the 125; and with this model, AJP extended its exports into Spain, Poland, Italy and Greece.

In 2007, the AJP launched the PR3 200 MX, with a lightweight frame comprising steel tubing and twin aluminum spars. This frame permits simpler assembly at the factory. This was followed by a PRO version, with enhanced suspension components.

In 2008, AJP introduced a homologated PR3 mode weighing 99 kg with a 12.3 bhp 125cc engine, followed by 19 bhp 200cc models in 2009.Also in 2009, AICEP Capital Global became a partner of the project, to aid AJP’s expansion plans.

In 2009 AJP released the PR5, a homologated fuel-injected 4-valve 24.7 bhp 250 cc model weighing 115 kg. The 2016 model now features liquid cooling.[4]

In 2009 AJP released the PR7, a single-cylinder 650cc “Adventure” bike. A Motorcycle News review declared: “Tipping the scales at 165kg fully fuelled and ready to ride, it’s close to 100kg lighter than the current glut of big capacity adventure bikes on the market, making the PR7 a truly capable bike off-road – and one you can pick up easily on your own should things go awry.”

AJP have continued to grow and in 2020 expanded into the competition Enduro SPR range.

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